LCP SPANLOCK® Double Seam & Angle Seam Standing Seam


LCP Spanlock® standing seam provide an option that is both quick, and cost effective to install.  Our standing seam roof and wall profiles are able to manufacture with a mobile roll forming machine in most of the metal materials such as aluminium, elZinc titanium zinc, stainless steel, Zincalume® and Colorbond® pre-painted steel.

LCP Spanlock® and our other standing seam roof and wall profiles are able to mobilise to any part of the world at the actual work sites to reduce time loss and lowering shipping cost for our customers.  As a matter of these time and cost saving , LCP metal roof system is growing in recognition in the ASEAN and Middle East large scale projects such as airports, train stations, sports stadiums, exhibition halls, e-commerce warehouse, data center, pharmaceutical plant, semiconductor plant and etc.

Our roll forming machine is able to manufacture the profiles above the roof or on the ground inclining that not only giving contractors a speedy and easy installation procedure, it also reduces the amount of time spent working at height and therefore lowers the risk to the installation team.

Metal Roofing Sheets and Wall Cladding Sheets


The roof and wall sheeting shall be a double folded or angle folded standing seam LCP Spanlock® profile that manufactured with with 2 seams of 25mm / 38mm / 50mm depth, centres,  and nominal cover width not exceeding 520mm / 500mm / 470mm.  The female seam is to overlap into position over the male seam.  Optional of two stiffening ribs incorporated on the pan shall be approved by SO.

LCP Spanlock® profileshall be roll formed in Aluminium / Colorbond® Ultra steel elements.  LCP Spanlock® is to be supplied in a single length (wherever possible) with no end laps with a standard cover width as indicated above or variable cover width to accommodate the variable geometry of the building.  The Aluminium / Colorbond® Ultra steel roof and wall elements will be secured by and joined longitudinally with an electrically operated seam closure machine over concealed sliding and fixed clips integrated into the longitudinal element flange thereby transmitting reaction forces resulting from positive and/or negative loads and also accommodating thermal movements resulting from the specified ambient temperature range. The Aluminium / Colorbond® Ultra steel standing seam elementsare to be rollformed on site in both straight and tapered forms.

LCP Spanlock® aluminium elements shall be roll formed with aluminium alloy AlMn1Mg1 as specified in DIN 1725 comparable AA 3004, minimum material thickness of 0.70 mm thick in PVDF 2 coats finishing. The material properties shall as has minimum 185 N/mm2 Ultimate Tensile strength, minimum 130 N/mm2 for 0.2% Proof Stress and a Modulus of elasticity of 70,000 N/mm2.

LCP Spanlock® Colorbond® Ultra steel elements shall be 0.55mm base material thickness in accordance to Australian Standard AS1397 with a minimum yield stress of 300MPa (Grade G300), metallic hot-dip coated with aluminium/zinc alloy comprising 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. The minimum coating mass for the aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel shall be AZ200 (200 g/ m2 minimum coating mass) as determined by Australian Standard AS1397.Colorbond® Ultra steel has a custom formulated corrosion inhibitive chromate primer with nominal thickness of 5µm on each side.  The finish coat shall be custom formulated polyester paint system that have dry film thickness of 20 µm on the top or weather side.  As for the backing coat is with custom formulated polyester system in the standard Shadow Grey colour with nominal film thickness of 5µm.

NOTE : For other metal elements, please do not hesitate to call 65-865 1550 or email : for more recommendations.

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Structural Data

LCP SPANLOCK® – Effective Cover Width Table
Seam Height (mm) 25 38 50
Panel Cover Width (mm) 520 500 470
Mass Per Unit Area (kg/m2 ) 5.31 5.53 5.88

The allowable tolerance shall be ± 4mm. For other cover widths availability, please contact LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., Technical Department.

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LCP SPANLOCK® Permissible Wind Load Table
Roof Panel Width Rib Height Clip Spacing Permissible Wind Load
520mm 25mm 600mm 2.7KPa
500mm 38mm 600mm 4.1KPa
470mm 50mm 900mm 4.1KPa

Note: The LCP MULTIDECK® or LCP LYCORRIB® 762 will be used as liner beneath the LCP SPANLOCK®. The purlin spacing is to be in accordance with the loading allowable in the LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd. product catalogue for either LCPoMULTIDECK® or LCP LYCORRIB® 762 profiles.
For maximum purlin spacing, contact LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., Technical Department.

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LCP SPANLOCK® Length & Thermal Movement

Note: Thermal movement is limited by the clip design
Rib Height Maximum Sheet Length Temperature Differential (Degree Celsius) Maximum Allowable Thermal Movement
25mm, 38mm, 50mm 40m 30 15mm
25m 50 15mm
18m 70 15mm

Please contact LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., Technical Department for additional information on Thermal Movement.

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Roof Pitch & Curving Characteristics
Rib Height Minimum Pitch (Degrees) Minimum Curve (Convex Sprung Curve) Minimum Curve (Convex Pre- Curve)
Steel Non-Ferrous Metal
25mm 5 25m 1200mm 900mm
38mm 3 25m 1500mm 900mm
50mm 3 25m * *

*: Please consult LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., Technical Department

The water carrying capacity of LCP SPANLOCK® roofing allows for a minimum slope of 3 degrees, subject to specific design consideration. It is imperative that this minimum slope is adhere to all points of the roof to prevent ponding from occurring. If the roof slope is less than or equal to 3 degrees, a sealant to be installed over the male rib of the LCPiSPANLOCK®. For more information, please contact LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., Technical Department.

LCP SPANLOCK® can be pre-curved in the factory prior to delivery to site or sprung curved on site during installation.

TAPERED SHEET: For concave sprung and pre-curve sheet requirements, please consult LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd.,
Technical Department.

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